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How I Traveled and Kept My Family Safe When the Second Wave was at its Peak

by Ritu Gulabani


Yes, I traveled and I had to. Not for fun but for love and responsibility. My sister and her family were tested positive in early April. I was worried but couldn’t do anything and then I got to know that it had taken a toll on her and she’d become bedridden, her oxygen level had touched 84/86 even after testing negative on April 30th and she was still coughing. The dreadful disease had attacked her nervous system and left her with post covid complications. Somehow, my gut feeling told me that only I could go and help her with my little knowledge of Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda.

Coronil Worked 

It’s going to be a month now that I’ve returned from her home in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I was there for about 12 days to help her recover. Since she had neuro problem before covid, it was easy to make out for doctors that covid had attacked her weaker part i.e the lower body in her case leaving her extremely weak, it was difficult for her to even stand, although her upper body was responding to the medication positively and steadily.
When she was tested covid positive, we had a wedding at home and so I couldn’t go. Moreover, even my mother and husband were reluctant to let me go to a place where the whole family was infected. I was also a little skeptical as I am also a mother of two young boys. Finally, when all of them tested negative and the wedding was also over, I decided to go. It took me a few more days to decide. I had to persuade my husband for permission whose concern was obvious. But, I knew that only I could go and help her, being a Yoga Instructor and an Ayurveda follower. I had deep faith in my Pranayama practice, Herbs like Giloy and Raw Turmeric, and Patanjali’s Coronil.
So, my husband booked the tickets with a heavy heart and I flew on 6th May in an early morning flight. My sister and her daughter grinned from ear to ear. Just one person and they took a sigh of relief. Though a help had started coming, that too because she had also recently recovered from corona and knew that she had developed the immunity.
I took bath before meeting them. She was still on oxygen and steroids; the cylinder stood tall behind her bed. My brother who lives in Jakarta kept instructing me to use masks and sanitizers. Although it was difficult but I did whenever I could or was reminded.
Yes, during my 12 days stay there, I felt itching in my throat, coughed, and sneezed often but I took coronil, swasahari pills, and anu tailam as soon as I felt the need. Not regularly but whenever I felt and guess what, by the grace of God, I came back without any infection.
Now many might say, why didn’t I give it to my sister. Of course, I did! In fact, I had sent it to her at more than double the price to her address through Amazon and she took it too but perhaps just a few doses. I believe it might be one of the reasons she was saved. But my experience is, we can’t force anyone. Not even our own family members. It’s a personal choice.

Even my brother traveled almost 4 to 6 times with Coronil during February and March and he was tested negative before every flight. So all thanks to Coronil, we traveled without any hassles.

Giloy and other Herbs Worked

Back home, before leaving for Ahmedabad, I had asked everyone to keep taking their daily dose of Giloy, which they followed religiously. Now that I am back, we haven’t stopped our daily dose. One can take it in the form of a concoction or a pill.
Last year also, when we had gone for a family trip to Bharatpur in Rajasthan and later to Bhimtal in Uttarakhand, after the unlock. I had taken my ayurvedic medicines (Giloy Ghanvati and Sitopaladi) and came back without any medical issues. Baba Ramdev, the Yoga Guru, Nityanandam Shree, the famous yogic scientist, and Ayurvedic expert have been reiterating the benefits of Giloy and how it improves immunity.
Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury and his team are treating covid patients, in their open-air Covid Center, with a simple diet and herbs at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.
Anandayya covid-19 medicine is Ayurvedic and is reportedly curing corona quickly in Andhra Pradesh.

Satvic Movement, an online health education platform, is advising ash gourd juice, fruits, salads, and a vegan diet to live energetically and fearlessly during the pandemic.
So, though many of my friends doubt our natural herbs, coronil, and giloy. I feel they are the key to fight the disease at a time when even vaccines are not 100% efficient. It is the faith that today’s generation is lacking in our ancient wisdom. They do not find it helpful because they consider trying it when everything fails. By then damage has already been done. Had Yoga, Ayurveda, or Naturopathy been so unscientific, the other part of the world wouldn’t have started embracing it?

Didn’t Panic
Please understand that fear and immunity are inversely proportional. So, the moment, you start panicking, your immunity level will drop and can cause damage to the cardiovascular system and may give birth to other complications which can lead to even premature death.
So as soon as you are tested positive, don’t panic. Try to remain calm, take deep breaths, and do pranayama. It will help a lot in such situations.
Do you know pranayama works instantly on the brain, body, and soul? It instantly increases the supply of oxygen. You just need to try it wholeheartedly.

Did Pranayama and Yoga daily
Skeptics are questioning this too but I am a living example of this. I’ve not taken vaccine till now and have traveled to three cities and attended a family wedding apart from doing a lot of shopping rounds in Chandani Chowk, a market which is known for its maddening crowd and believe me, it was in full action just before the second wave.

Baba Ramdev is treating patients in his Haridwar center with almost a hundred percent results. People are being treated and miracles are happening. My sister had been doing yoga although not daily and wholeheartedly but perhaps that is the reason her lungs recovered faster than doctors had thought of. She still has a patch in one of the lungs but her faith now has increased and she has started doing it religiously.

Anulom Vilom or Nadi shodhan pranayama can remarkably improve the nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems.
If you don’t have a liking for yoga, do any physical activity but club it with some breathing exercise.

Prayed Daily
Pray daily. While I started doing “Path of Sukhmani Sahib” daily, my mother and her spiritual groups did mantra chanting to heal my sister; my sister’s daughter (my niece) did “Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap” every day in the US. I believe, all this too, helped my sister recover. I would read in front of her and let her drink the whole jal (the holy water). Prayer is a powerful weapon that energizes the believer. More recently even scientists have tried to decode the power of this holy water (as we Indians call it). A group of Japanese scientists has witnessed a strange change in the alignment of molecules after the prayers and Om chanting.
Or, do as many self-help books guide to – create a relationship with the Lord. One can make him brother/friend/father/mother and then talk to him as if he really is his mother/father/mentor or so. Tell him your problem, feel that he is listening to you and he will. You will receive a response too. This will help you destress and miracles are bound to happen.

The worst thing that the pandemic did to humanity was quarantine and isolation. I understand that the disease is highly contagious but what does a patient need the most?

The first and foremost thing he needs is love and repeated confirmation that he is important, he is needed, and that his loved ones are with him. But the moment a person becomes covid positive, he is forced to isolate. No doubt the phones are there but the old and week people become weeker and loner.
That is the reason people died more in isolation centers/ hospitals than at home. Many people died of cardiac arrest or oxygen shortage instead of covid itself. So actually, although all these deaths might be counted as covid deaths but these happened more because of isolation and fear.
I know of a case where a girl died of cardiac arrest just before she was being put on a ventilator. She would have been saved but the fear seems to take a toll.
So yes, we can’t meet the patient but we can call them, we can talk to them, we can tell them that we love them and are waiting for them, we can tell them the plan of action once they are back, so that hope is rebuilt. The power of visualization does wonders. My own sister would smile whenever I would show her our niece’s wedding pictures to create an image of the wedding of her own daughter in her mind. This helped and her oxygen level crossed 90.

So let us all love our patients unconditionally. Let’s stay in touch with family and friends. Let’s pray and start believing in our ancient wisdom. Let’s heal our space and treasure every person around us.

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Rekha June 13, 2021 - 9:33 am

U write very well dear.
I so agree that prayers have power.
I also recovered from covid and thru my own prayers
First thing I did that I just disconnect myself from every relatives except my husband and children as for my every requirement of water and other spiritual things I was dependent on them while in hospital.
I raised my power of kundalini which is in our sacrum bone and this motherly energy cleared my lungs upper part.

Later post covid symptoms like papitation also for 15 days I took my blood thinner and now stopped taking that also and completely on my meditation

It gives cool vibes in the whole body and your body becomes weightless. It corrects all your chakras and Nadia without doing any yoga but still y are in Yog (connection) with your self energy bestowed by God almighty in everyone.

Praying means surrendering everything at the lotus feet of God who listens heals and corrects.

With love

Rekha Kishore joshi

Ritu Gulabani October 21, 2021 - 5:06 pm

Thank you Mam🙏

Ritu Gulabani June 15, 2021 - 12:12 am

Thankyou so much Mam! I am glad that you have recovered and prayers definitely has power. Yoga has really helped people and
meditation is also a part of Yoga.
Yoga , today is considered synonymous to Asanas but as per Maharishi Patanjali it is an eight fold discipline which includes meditation. I’ve mentioned it in my blog https://fromcaterpilartobuterfly.com/yoga-is-for-everyone/


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