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Going Chemical-free Series – Bio-Enzyme

by Ritu Gulabani

Is anyone in your home suffering from asthma or bronchitis? Are you allergic to phenyls and other cleaning agents like surf and vim gel? It is time to switch over your cleaning agents.

Phenyls, toilet cleaners, and other cleaners are loaded with chemicals. They are not only harmful to our skin, lungs, and bodies but to the environment too. So shift to natural and chemical-free cleaners.

You can make them at home or purchase them from the market. In case you find them costly ask everyone in your family and neighborhood to use the same, give bulk orders, negotiate and try to bring down the cost.

One such cleaner, I would recommend is Bio-enzyme.

Many of us have started segregating waste. But what do you do with your kitchen waste? Dispose it or do Composting?

Here is one more thing one can do. My environmentalist friend “Anamika Chaturvedi” makes bio-enzyme from fruit peels.

What do you need?

Citrus fruit peels, jaggery, and water in 3:1:10 proportion and keep in a plastic bottle for three months. Keep releasing the gases by opening the cap, every day. This is all that you need to make a bio-enzyme and guess what all a bio-enzyme can do?

  1. Use it like phenyl and water while mopping the floors and get rid of ants and cockroaches. It is a good disinfectant.
  2. It cleanses and de-clogs the drains.
  3. It also works as a natural pesticide and fertilizer and helps in the growth of plants.
  4. It helps in cleaning vegetables and fruits from layers of pesticides and insecticides.
  5. It helps purify ground water and river too as opposed to the regular chemically loaded cleaners which pollute the groundwater and water bodies.

I personally like this product as it is so versatile, natural and can be made at home and in case you don’t have the time they are not costly in the market too.

Anamaika Chaturvedi’s “Bhumitra” sells it for just 199 Rs. a litre. You can check and order at

Instagram : @bhumitra_  @bhumibuy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bhumitracfe


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