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Going Chemical-free : Wow! I Found a Range of 100% Herbal Home Care Products!

by Ritu Gulabani

After joining Yoga, the first thing I did was change my lifestyle. As advised by my Guru I stopped packaged, refined and dead food first. Then I tried to treat my diseases- thyroid, gall stone, migraine, acidity, etc. naturally and now I am on my way to making my life chemical free. Although it is quite difficult to follow this path 100 percent, I keep trying my best as this has improved my life.

When I realized that our dishwashing gels, detergents, floor cleaners, shampoos, etc. are loaded with chemicals and pose serious health hazards; I started looking for natural and chemical-free alternatives. This industry is not regulated and so to be the best cleaning agents and stain removers, they add chemicals like phosphates, bleach, sulfates, etc. for instant results which can cause severe infections and allergies. In my quest for chemical-free products, I came across Herbal Strategi. Herbal Strategi has a range of products in seven categories – Repellents, Cleaners, Fresheners, Hygiene, Fogging solutions, Garden care, and Pet care which I feel are worth trying if you are also looking for chemical-free products or have skin or respiratory allergies and infections.

After thorough research, I was so impressed with the ingredients of the products that I tried to reach the founder Mr. John Thomas who started this business as he was facing respiratory issues. From a vaporizer to more than 50 products, Herbal Strategi has indeed succeeded in its mission of providing Chemical Free Products. Here is a short interview I had with Mr. John Thomas.

FCTB: I would request you to narrate the story behind this start-up. (How and why did you start?)

Mr. John Thomas: It was need-based. I had issues using chemical repellent. So I went to the web to search for natural alternatives. Nothing was available. CIMAP was then approached and they gave me a solution.

FCTB: Were you financially strong enough to start or did you have to work on it and took some help like a bank loan or something else?

Mr. John Thomas: I had to sell some patches of land held with the company to get funds.

FCTB: Who were your first few customers?

Mr. John Thomas: My friends and relatives tested the efficacy of the product.

FCTB: How did your business flourish? Had you visualized it or did it take a flight on its own? I mean if the products are good then the business is usually successful yet some people have faced hurdles and failures.

Mr. John Thomas: I had to face a lot of hurdles and failures initially till we got the source of raw materials right.

FCTB: The products are chemical free and I think they should break the market of chemically loaded cheaper products.

Mr. John Thomas: Yes, chemical-based companies have a lot of funds and hence can advertise heavily.

FCTB: But the prices are high. So how do you think you would and are tackling this issue?

Mr. John Thomas: Our prices for most products are around 10% higher. The floor cleaner is the same as Lizol. Some products are priced higher but have added benefits eg. Laundry wash has an inbuilt conditioner.

FCTB: Would you mind decreasing the price in case of bulk orders?

Mr. John Thomas: We can give discounts on bulk orders. Please contact the Marketing team to avail of exact discounts.

FCTB: So what are your plans?

Mr. John Thomas: We wish to create more awareness so that more people know the benefits of Natural and Herbal homecare products.

Let me give a short brief of some products that were sent to me by the company and I used myself.


Floor cleaners have toxic chemicals that can cause skin infections, allergies, and even eczema, psoriasis, etc. They also release molecules in the air that can cause lung infections, asthma, bronchitis, etc.

So what is the solution? You can use bio-enzyme, about which I’ve written a blog last time, and here’s the link  https://fromcaterpilartobuterfly.com/going-chemical-free-series-bio-enzyme/ or go for chemical-free cleaners.

Herbal Strategi has a floor cleaner that is made of plant-based essential oils. What more? Your house becomes germ-free and ant free. So if you have pets or children who love to roll on the floor, use this product and forget your worries. Aroma….umm I love the subtle aroma of essential oils that Herbal Strategi’s products offer.

Mosquito Repellent: I had stopped using All-Out, Odomos, Good-Night, etc. ever since my elder son was said to be allergic and doctors had warned me from using these products. It was easier to follow the instructions till my younger one was born who would cry at a piercing pitch at a single bite of a mosquito. Mosquito Net appeared to be the only solution but as my elder son grew, he started hating net for fans and AC became less effective.

Herbal Strategi solved this problem too again with just plant-based aromatic repellents.

Laundry Detergent: In my quest for chemical-free detergents, I started using soap nuts to wash my clothes, when I read about them as natural cleaners. But stubborn stains were still a problem. Here also Herbal Strategi rescued. Their Laundry detergent is not only a detergent but has a fabric conditioner too. I’ve fallen in love with the fragrance in my clothes ever since I started washing my clothes with this product. They can be used in washing machines too.

Liquid DishWash: Again for a chemical-free dishwashing liquid, I made my dishwashing liquid using soap nuts with bio-enzyme which could not effectively remove the oil from utensils or grease from the stove and machines. Also, it emptied my bottle of bio-enzyme quite fast. Then I made my dishwashing liquid with squeezed lemons, baking soda, and some vim gel but again the bottle of liquid was used quite fast as it was used in larger amounts. And I didn’t always have time for it. Thus every natural solution had its limitation.

Again Herbal Strategi provided a solution. They not only have Liquid Dishwash but also have a detergent for dishwashing machines. What more? Made with plant-based aromatic oil and coco glucoside, which is a natural surfactant that improves the washing process. A non-toxic substitute of SLS.        

Hand washes: Though hand washing was never my problem. But since I was interested in chemical-free products the product manager advised me to try Herbal Strategi’s Herbal Foam Hand Wash. I wasn’t very keen to try this and so gave my children to try this one and, lo and behold, my children loved the way liquid was getting converted into foam and then its mild aroma. They are a big fan of this product and obviously, they are not at all harsh on hands.

So if your children are reluctant to wash their hands or if you feel your soap is too harsh for your hands. Try this product and you will love it.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post but all opinions are my own.

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Anamika Chaturvedi July 22, 2022 - 7:55 am

Simply loved this article. Chemical free and in sync with nature is the mantra to stay free of diseases. Keep writing, keep inspiring. And a big thanks for sharing the link on Bhumizyme here .Together we can and we will.

Ritu Gulabani July 22, 2022 - 1:32 pm

My pleasure Anamika! After all, healthy and environmentally safe life is what we all are aspiring for!


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