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From a Stock Broker in US to a Yogi at Institute of the Himalayan Tradition

by Ritu Gulabani

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Walking with a Himalayan Master Swami Rama – By Justin O’ Brien
A beautiful spiritual journey of an American disciple with his Himalayan Master.

This is the first book, I read by Justin O’Brien or Swami Jaidev and I am truly mesmerised and have an instant urge to read all his work. He has written many books which include Running and Breathing, The Wellness Tree and Super Conscious Meditation.

The book starts with the odyssey of an American who started his career as a stock broker at Bear Sterns, one of the most admired Investment Bank and Securities Firm in twentieth century, but soon realized that his struggle for money was not worth and joined a monastery.

Even after studying in the finest theological graduate schools in Europe, his spiritual quest was not satisfied and he was looking for something more. In 1972, when he was teaching theology at Loyola University of Chicago, he met Swami Rama in a very strange manner, against all his willingness.

Initially averse, Swami Rama’s teachings on self discovery and living a life with holistic approach fascinated him and soon he became his staunch follower. Later, his wife also joined him. I loved reading how they discovered the true meanings of “mantra”, its benefits, “Yoga and meditation” and their visit to Kumbh Mela and different types of Sadhus and Yogis of India.

I was strongly moved by the way, this American, who was teaching me, an Indian (and all his Indian readers), our long lost traditions and values.

The book also describes in detail the story of his Guru, Swami Rama’s birth, how he grew up and learnt from his Master and fellow Yogis, till he took nirvana.

It beautifully describes how Swami Rama displayed the powers of human mind at Menninger laboratory and treated many people too. He was also a homeopath. At a very young age, he was selected as Shankaracharya in a renowned temple of South India but renounced the position soon to do his sadhana. He was a great composer and a singer too. I cherished the way the author describes his Master at a point and wish I could meet him too:

“This man from the world’s highest mountains was an ambassador of the human spirit, a delegate from realms of awareness that angels envied, a troubadour who wrote poetry to the universe and chanted the name of the divine until he forgot his surroundings. He was a visionary with a message to mend the wounds of humankind. A traveler of his times, he overcame the struggles of his path and vindicated for us all, the universal quest for the ultimate meaning of life.”

Read the numerous stories of miracles in the journey of starting Himalayan Institutes in different parts of America. The writer, Justin O’Brien along with his wife Theresa was instrumental in helping Swami Rama to spread the knowledge of Yoga and Himalayan tradition in USA. He even donated his retirement fund to Swami Rama’s Himalayan Institute and became a renunciate later.

The American yogi beautifully describes his journey, his learning and even his hesitations and aversions in India, Nepal, Japan and London.

Every chapter starts with a dream that this American Yogi saw and all his dreams slowly unfurls his connection and relationship with his Himalayan Master.

A must read and an elixir for all those who have a spiritual thirst and for those who have read the book and have been searching for Justin O’Brien on net and social media, as I found some people were, here are the details.
He is now known as – Swami Jaidev Bharati (The name given to him by his Master) and runs “Institute Of The Himalayan Tradition” in Minnesota USA. 
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