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Five Simple Ways to be Happy Inside Out

by Ritu Gulabani

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1.      Meditate/ Visualize  
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Meditation is the best medicine for every injury, outer or external. Sit in the meditative posture, let your thoughts come and go, be silent, relax and leave onto God. If you can’t, find a silent and conducive place for meditating. Is it still difficult?
No problems- Visualize
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Although meditation gives a calm and soothing effect to mind, body and soul and nothing can replace its effects and benefits but if you can’t do it initially, try visualizing. Sit and visualize your dream, your success, your next vacations, anything that gives you ultimate happiness. You can enjoy with your partner, play with a friend, dive into the deepest ocean or sky whatever you love to and want to. This one exercise will refresh and rejuvenate you to the extent; you would not have felt for quite some time. 

2.    Make a List of what you Love to do/ your Passion / your Hobby/ anything that makes you Feel Great
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Make a list, so that it is your “Go-to-list” when you are upset, depressed and need happiness.

It can be your hobby- reading/ dancing/ yoga/swimming/ shopping/painting/singing/ listening to music etc.
What? This sounds boring? You knew it?
Ok let me add a few more –
·        Surf for the most beautiful villas, balconies, farm houses and visualize your life there.
·        Surf, read or watch the exotic locations, out there in the world and visualise yourself there.
·      Don’t want to or can’t spend money though you love clothes, because of that budget– rearrange your wardrobe and your accessories. I am sure you will be surprised to discover many things, you had forgotten and are like new to you. What more! You might even bump into an idea of using a particular piece in a particular style that was lying idle in your wardrobe. Shopping accomplished!
·     Try some DIY (Do It Yourself) craft techniques to brighten up your mood, or surf some You tube videos for it.
·        Cook something exotic or you love to eat or drink.
·        Learn something; it’s all the more easier and cheaper now. Thanks to internet.
3.      Read something funny, watch a comedy or talk to people with great sense of humour. It works like a detox.
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I still enjoy reading Akbar and Birbal, Tenali Raman, Tinkle etc. to my boys. The book I am reading these days is as humorous as its name “Mrs. Funnybones” by Twinkle Khanna. If you don’t like reading books, watch a comedy movie, show or web series, you will soon fill your room with laughter.
4.   Go and talk to those, who love you and care for you. Stop! Don’t blindly run after things and positions, which you feel will give you happiness. If you deserve them, you will get them.
Love and appreciate what you have – your parents, your partner, your siblings, your friends, relatives and your pets.
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5.      Learn to Give – charity, sharing, the act of giving not only brings a smile on a gloomy face but  soothes our soul too, in times of despair. Try once.
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