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Five Reasons: We need a Digital Detox and How to do it?

by Ritu Gulabani

Sorry friends, last fortnight I had severe migraine attack, my son was not well and the family needed a lot of attention. So I was on digital detox and delayed my blog. Indeed I am feeling better and fresh.
Most of you must be willing to do it too but can’t because of work especially Generation X, some think it is just impossible because everything is on phone especially Millennial; while for some especially Generation Z or Smartphone Generation they are lifelines and they can’t even think of putting away their mobiles and laptop.
But Why Do We Need it?
Almost all of us are addicted to this digital world and to check whether we are obsessed or not–
Check your thoughts……if you have thoughts are like….
·        Let me check the response to my post/ my comments….
·        Let me check the number of likes…..
·        Let me check the mails…..
·        Let me post a selfie with …..
·        He/She has so many followers, I too should have…..
·        Let me see what my other friends are doing?….
·        OMG she has a fabulous life and me…..
You are addicted. You need a detox.

1.      It eats up a lot of our time, we will not even realize. You might have often noticed that you had a job in your hand but the moment you pick your phone just to check a few messages and notifications, an hour or so is smoked out till you are forced to do that job.
Result – We are whining for paucity of time. Are we not responsible for this? Isn’t it in our own hands? 
2.      Howsoever best may be the technology, believe me we are straining and harming our eyes, especially when it is dark. Opticians are saying this and that it can cause irreversible eye damage to children and teenagers.
Result – Almost all of us have got specs.

3.      Forget eyes, it is getting dangerous for our health and life too. We think of exercising, but the moment we pick our phones, we indulge in checking messages, facebook, instagram, you tube, notifications etc. etc.for a few minutes which lasts for no less than an hour and then our exercise time or morning walk shrinks to either zero or ten minutes. We get so much indulged in phone that we tend to forget the world around and hence at a greater risk of meeting accidents too.
Result – We are bloating, stiffening our muscles and increase in number of accidents.

4.      We are wasting our time and other important work is getting affected. Believe me or not, we are so much engrossed in our phones that we ignore other more important works. Homemakers and mothers forget important things like cleaning and sometimes even children and I admit doing this at times. Students slip off their study time, working people often get involved in their phone and start working when it is time to leave office. Though, it might give an impression that they are hard workers, but in fact they are losing a lot in their own family life and their own interests and passions.
Result – Zero efficiency and Poor Results.

5.      Even on holidays, we are crazily looking into our creepy cellular phones and in spite of enjoying and benefitting from the nature, we are busy clicking pictures and taking selfies. Are facebook/ instagram or the friends we hardly meet are so important that we forget the family and friends who are with us?
Result – Poor relationships and Bad Health- physical as well as mental.

How Should We Do it?
1.      Go on vacations and keep your laptop and phone at bay. Your destination should be in the nature’s lap rather than a metro.  Yes, you must inform the people at home or a few important friends, that’s it. Enjoy the nature, give the rest and treat to your eyes they deserve. Enjoy the moment and bring yourself out from the state of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
I am always happy when I can’t connect. I just inform the near and dear ones.

2.      Don’t pick your phone at home or just keep some time fixed to watch out your mails and messages and rest should be your family or relaxation time. To keep the temptation at bay, keep a magazine or book always with you or perhaps something that you love to do. This will help you stay away from harmful effects of smart phone and also help you create a strong bonding with the family.

3.      We often pick our phones when we want to avoid situations and people, leading to indulging in the unwanted. So just be brave, keep your stand clear and phone in your bag or pocket.

4.      Whenever you are with family, keep your phone away. Be yourself! Try to give time to every single member of family and enjoy with them.
5.      Although you can’t completely remain offline, but fix your time in a day. Just as you had fixed time for walk or gym or may be like a time table in the school. If possible put your phone on air plane- mode. To keep yourself away from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) ; live in the moment, pick up your passion – indulge in dancing, photography, painting, reading, cooking, hang out with friends; and be happy. Believe that you are living a beautiful life and it will turn out more beautiful.

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