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A Self-Help Book with an Interesting Story

by Ritu Gulabani

Title of the Book: 21 Power Keys – To Create Your Dreamlife

Author: Ritu Tandon

Publisher: Starlet Publishing (Self-published)

Price: Rs. 299/-

When I read my first self-help book some fifteen years ago, I felt that I’ve acquired all the knowledge and now I can achieve all my goals without realizing the fact that my mind must be fed with good food regularly.

Slowly with time, I started realizing the importance of sharpening my axe, off and on.

And so now I try to fill my bookshelf with more self-help, more inspiring and more soul-stirring books. Every book has a different story to tell and touches some attribute of ours which had been sleeping. So, I never call a book just another book.

21 Power Keys is thus a self-help book that starts with an intriguing story of a Swiss girl, Eva, who earns a living by working in a chocolate factory and is dragging her burden of life without any goals, without any relationships and any excitement in life. She is unhappy inside out.

This book is thus, for those who are clueless about their life goals and wish to find the purpose of their life. This book is also for those who have a goal but want to understand how to work towards it. And this book is also for those who are failing, again and again. This will help them find the reason and help fixing it too. Thus, this book will empower you and help you find your happiness and thereby reach your destination.

Read it and try to follow the guidelines, the powerful keys imparted to Eva by her Indian Guru Dushyant. All the 21 keys are presented in an interesting manner and are indeed important for success.

What I liked about the book:

I liked the book as a whole but some parts of the book caught my attention more as compared to others, like in chapter 11, the Guru explains to her student, “The mind has to be used as a tool and you should not get used by the mind.”

At another point, while preaching about dreams, he says, “that dreams are not what we see when we sleep but rather what keeps us awake and not let us sleep. Having a vision is like giving a direction to life.”

Being a trainer, a motivational speaker and a life coach, the writer has nicely poured in all her knowledge into the book.

What I disliked about the book:

There is nothing that I disliked about the book except that there are minor errors that could have been avoided. Second, the story would have appeared more interesting had the writer used the ‘show and tell’ technique in the narration.

But overall a good job as a debut writer and the book succeeds in its purpose of motivating and inspiring the reader.




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