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A Poetry Book Which Will Strike the Chord of your Heart

by Ritu Gulabani

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Sonal Singh is an inspiring personality. She is among those few people who raised my interest in poetry. This is the first time I read a poetry book because my interest lies in prose. Though, I love to read poetry off and on and have written a few too.
So, when “Islands in the Stream” of the author was released, I couldn’t resist myself from asking for an author’s signed copy. She had once urged me to read and write poetry explaining me how cathartic poems are and her book proves it.
Sonal Singh, through the language of her heart has awed me. She is right in saying that “Poetry speaks a language that can neither be spoken nor be heard. It has to be felt, eyes closed, with beats of your heart.”
“Islands in the Stream” is a book which has mainly free flow verses without much rhyming, meter or musical pattern yet it beautifully succeeds in striking the chords of reader’s soul proving that she’s truly a poet at heart.
The book has been divided into two parts – “Nature’s Rhapsody” and “Life’s Foibles”.
Nature’s Rhapsody has poems which took me some time to understand and absorb. I absolutely loved and learnt a lot from each and every poem. What an audacious selection of similes, metaphors and personification, she’s done!
“Eos’s Sojourn” was my favorite in this section. She’s not only created a beautiful imagery but even the personification done is marvelous. I’ve never read such a bold and beautiful description of the dawn. Further, I loved the coquetry of dusk in “Dusk’s promiscuity”. Another beautiful description of nature is found in “God’s Boudoir”.
The next section “Life’s Foibles” is what I enjoyed the most as they are very relatable. Like first poem “Islands in the stream” was loved by me because that is what we the individuals are. “An ode to life” is a poem which has beautiful imagery.
Then some are woven into beautiful heart wrenching stories like “Chords of Pain”. At points, you feel as if you are a part of those poems. They are heartwarming and so you feel related to them.
Through her poems she reveals her own character too which indeed is that of a nature lover, a young and beautiful woman -inside out and a mature human being at the same time.
I liked the painting of stream with the hues of dusk and dawn too, on the cover page which is beautiful and apt. It has been painted by Nirmala Singh, a renowned artist and writer and author’s mother too.
Here are the Book Details and the book is available on Amazon:
Title: Islands in the Stream
Author: Sonal Singh
Publisher: Authors press
Format: Paperback
No. of pages: 84
Price: Rs. 295/-

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